Stephen & Anne
Thu 13 Mar 2008 20:13

36:44.776N 6:25.812W


This morning we woke up to a beautiful morning. Stephen helped the man on the boat behind us do a repair up his mast.  We then headed off into town (we know where it  is now!!). There were quite a lot of interesting shops and lots of shoe shops for Anne to admire. We found the municipal market and a very nice lady who understood some English. She very kindly instructed us in the pronunciation of the Spanish words for the fruit and vegetables we wanted. After a successful trip to get vegetables and a few other food items we wandered through the streets of Chipiona to back to the boat. It really is a lovely town (when it’s open) and it’s nice being somewhere truly foreign where we must be the only English people here. We even saw some flamenco dress shops. Chipiona is very much like Blackpool or Morecambe it’s a tourist resort for nationals not foreigners.


When we got back to the boat we had lunch and a siesta (well when in Spain…). Later on we did a few jobs round the boat in preparation for a moving on.


Once again it’s an evening in with a DVD. We are working our way through the CSI Miami series.