Lagos: The Electrostatic Properties of Polystyrene

Stephen & Anne
Sun 16 Dec 2007 13:01

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today started with Stephen feeling brave – and deciding that Anne could finish his Hair cut. He was true to his word and this time Anne managed to finish the hair cut.


We then went along to Pyxis to show off his new haircut. They were trying to persuade us to get our dinghy out and go for a trip out to either Alvor or the caves. We decided we had other things to do. When Karen and Richard returned from a trip out we were glad we hadn’t gone as there was quite a bit of swell.


Anne worked on the cockpit cushion. We then had “fun” filling it with Polystyrene balls. Or rather we filled the boat with polystyrene balls that went everywhere except inside the cushion. Anne thought the boat looked a typical Christmas scene all covered in snow. After finding that these polystyrene balls stick to everything, war was declared. Stephen armed himself with the vacuum cleaner…the poor balls had no chance. Eventually order was restored; we had polystyrene balls in the cockpit cushion, the boat looking normal, both cats were black and not white and peace once again fell on Wandering Dragon.


Yoyo meanwhile had found the boom and was stretching herself looking up the mast. I wonder if the local fire brigade have ever rescued a cat from the top of a mast before? Ah well its only time…


In the early evening Karen and Richard came over for Scrabble. At the end when the scores were counted and the boys declared it was a boys vs girls game and they had won!


Later on, we went out into town to see the Lagos Jazz concert. They were playing and singing Christmas carol jazz style. We had a brilliant evening out and now feel Christmas has arrived.


The weather today is sunny and warm, the forecast for later this week is high winds and heavy rain. Eeek….