Stephen & Anne
Mon 5 Nov 2007 10:26

38:41.606N 9:24.975W


Today was taken up preparing for a dinner party. In the morning we headed off to the Supermarket to buy the food and Port for the evening. On our return Anne cleaned the boat while Stephen prepared dinner. The pastry case for the tart caused a few problems – which meant Stephen had to run back into town to get some more flour to make a second pastry case. Lucky he made 2 cases as the filling was too much for the one.


We had been informed that there was going to be an unveiling of a statue at the marina today at 12.30. 12.30 came and went - nothing was happening by the statue – so we decided to carry on working and keep an eye open for when it did happen. Later in the afternoon we heard someone speaking through a loudspeaker – looked out and saw the statue had been unveiled – we’d missed it. The statue is a statue of a wave and was unveiled by the king of Greece in his capacity as chairman of ISAF (International Sailing Federation). We’d been looking forward to adding “attended unveiling of statue” to our list of experiences. Never mind I’m sure we’ll find another one to attend.


Our dinner guests, Carl and T, have been missing Heinz baked beans form the UK. The starter was beans on toast! It went down very well (Stephen even managed to posh it up by putting the beans on little round toastlets and garnishing it with a basil leaf). Main course was a Delia recipe – roast veg pasta bake, and desert another Delia recipe – super zesty lemon tart. Along with some white and ruby port and a little wine, we all had a great time.


A new UK boat arrived yesterday, this morning we had a chat with them. They had set off from the UK in September and are heading to the Canary Islands for winter and then into the Med next year.


Mistletoe are due back tomorrow – we stocked up with gin in readiness for their return.