Bizerte: Yoyo vs 1Kg Tuna

Stephen & Anne
Fri 12 Jun 2009 19:11

37.16.422N 9.52.817E


On Thursday night Yoyo bravely ate her huge tuna steak – it took her most of the evening to finish it but she was a very determined cat. Meanwhile Koshka is now on cat guard duty to repel / attract the local cats. We also had huge tuna steaks for dinner; however Yoyo was still trying to steal the tuna from our plates. We’ll try again Friday evening and see how many nights it takes before she is fed up with tuna.


We set off early Friday morning to buy a map of Tunisia. We found the “Office de la Topographie et de la Cartographie” to purchase the map. Instead of a map, we were given a bank deposit slip. After a fluent conversation in French (well fluent on their side anyway), we set off to the bank named on the slip and tried to deposit the money (it was only £2.50). Foolishly we queued up at the bank teller. We were sent off down a corridor to the locked managers office. He eventually arrived, opened up his office and accepted the money. Armed with the stamped deposit slip we went back to the office and picked up our map. Fortunately we were given an English version of the map – we thought we could only buy an Arabic map.


Later we explored more of the town. We found the Kasbah (fort), wandered through the medina (old town) and multiple markets selling more fresh fish and vegetables. Unfortunately we also found the local patisserie, hence our healthy diet will now go down hill. We blame the French influence.


On Friday evening we all attacked more of the tuna. Yoyo is putting up a brave fight and odds are she will win against the tuna (well 1Kg of it – we haven’t the heart to tell her a full tuna weigh 20kg+). Final results of the tuna eating contest will be known tomorrow night.


Although we were expecting Friday to be a noisy day of wailing for prayers, it seemed no worse than any other day (so far we are quite enjoying it).


We will upload some pictures when we next visit the internet café (we did try today but failed).