Calo de s´Oli (Formentera)

Stephen & Anne
Sun 27 Jul 2008 18:35

38.43.782N 1.24.155E


After a good nights sleep happy we were secure on a mooring buoy - we woke up and had breakfast on deck enjoying the sun and the peace and quiet of the anchorage.


We had a quiet morning checking the engine and trying to find the small leak we still have. (It really is a tiny leak compared to what it was – but annoying all the same). We came to the conclusion that we had not tightened up the hoses on the anti siphon valve enough. They have now been tightened fully. Hopefully this will fix it.


After lunch we started the engine to top up the batteries (no shore power here) and to run the water maker for the first time. After starting the watermaker we found a small leak. Once the joins were tightened up we tried again. This time success – no leaks. We ran the watermaker for an hour to remove all the pickling solution (that’s to stop algae growth when it’s not in use). After an hour we checked the water and it was fine. The watermaker was producing exactly 72 liters per hour which is reassuring as we purchased the “72l/hr” model!!!. We now have water, power and hot water.


Stephen and Yoyo then played “who owns the tuna cupboard”. Stephen emptied the bottom of the food cupboard to put in non slip matting and also to count the number of tins of Tuna Yoyo and Koshka have (they have 112 days supply – so they will be OK for a little while). Yoyo here – no its NOT enough!. Stephen cleaned out the cupboard and left the doors open so it could dry, Yoyo then hopped in the cupboard. Stephen then had to clean the cupboard again and left it to dry, Yoyo hopped into the cupboard ….….. and so the game went on. It kept Stephen amused for hours!


Tonight we will have another quiet peaceful night aboard (hopefully!)