Lagos: Sailing with the Parents

Stephen & Anne
Mon 28 Jan 2008 21:11

37:06.612N 8:40.477W


Today was another beautiful day. We had arranged to take Mum and Dad out sailing. The morning was taken up stowing things away and putting the ropes where they should be. We set off out of the Marina just before lunch. At the harbour entrance we hit the swell and it stayed that way most of the trip. Even though there was hardly any wind we put the sails up and switched off the engine. We were racing along at less that half a knot!! Eventually we gave up and headed beck to the marina.


Poor Yoyo has definitely lost her sea legs. She was very ill during our short sail. We are going to have to get out for a few more sails to get her sea legs back. Once safely in the marina Yoyo quickly perked up and is now fine.


Once we got the boat back to marina status we had a late lunch and sat on deck with a G & T.


This evening Mum is cooking for us again. When we asked what the most memorable part of sailing, we thought they may say the quietness as we sailed along or watching Anne and Stephen do all the work. However they have gone home with only a memory of Yoyo meowing and being sea sick!