Crotone: It's hard on the hard

Stephen & Anne
Thu 26 Jun 2014 14:40

39.05.043N 17.07.923E


Monday morning the boat yard owner Elio came to see us and told us we would be lifted in the afternoon. Knowing the Italians and siestas we knew this would be early evening.


As we waited to be lifted one of the commercial boats left, with the help of a tug.


It felt much closer than the picture suggests


All went well with the lift, but due to our rigging being a bit unusual Elio was unable to put us in the spot he had planned. He did try but he just couldn’t get us past the other boats.


Manoeuvring in the boat yard was a bit tight!!


Hence we were placed in a “temporary” spot. We were able to get on with our jobs. We were due to move when the boat next to us got launched the next day however he kept delaying. We were blocking the main entrance, which meant no other boats could be launched until we were moved. Eventually on Thursday our neighbour was ready. Elio had a busy few days launching all the boats that were waiting.


Anne found walking around the boat yard a bit of a challenge due to Elio’s puppy. When we say puppy, he is only 9 months old, but is a Saint Bernard, so weighs 60kg. He seemed to take a liking to Anne and kept running up to her.


Anne and Oreste


We had hoped to finish our out of the water jobs in 7 days, however it took us 10 days. It always seems to take us 10 days – we should learn.


While in the yard we reapplied some coppercoat to the rudder and bow area, cleaned below the waterline, changed the anodes, serviced the sea cocks, replaced some pipes, cleaned and polished the propeller and shaft and played with Yoyo and the St Bernhard J (not at the same time of course). I doesn’t sound like much but it was 10 days of hard work and long hours.


Thursday morning we were put back in the water.


Wanda being launched.