Cala De Santa Ponsa (Mallorca)

Stephen & Anne
Thu 31 Jul 2008 14:25

39.30.891N 2.28.150E


Tuesday: We did get some sleep last night – but did have to get up a few times in the night to check we hadn’t drifted. The anchor watch alarm went off a couple of times too – but we realised that was due to us having it set too finely and when we swung round in the wind it went off. (The anchor alarm checks how far you have drifted to ensure you don’t drag your anchor during the night and wake up “on the rocks”).


We had a fairly quiet morning, trying to book moorings and marinas in advance. In the afternoon Pyxis and Moonshadow arrived and anchored near us. Karen and Richard came over in their dinghy for a drink. They were going ashore to explore and took Anne with them.


Their first stop was the very narrow marina. We were all very glad we hadn’t ventured in to see if they had space as turning round would have been interesting (it looked small to maneuver even in a dinghy!). After visiting the chandlery, where Richard got the bit he’d been looking for a while, we headed across the bay into town.


We set off looking for the post office. Anne had forgotten that Richard enjoys exploring towns thoroughly – so we went off for a long walk. In fairness to Richard the long walk was required to get to the post office – and was made slightly longer by some dodgy directions we got from a local. We actually ended up at the edge of town overlooking fields of sheep and goats and windmill. After getting correct instructions, from a lady walking her dog, we found the post office (we hadn’t gone too far out of our way).  We then walked back through town. Well it’s not so much a town as a tourist complex – full of apartments and shops selling T-shirts and lilos with typical brits abroad – every bar showing football and serving Chips. Lovely!


After returning to the boats we got together on Pyxis for a sundowner along with Peter and Carolla from Moonshadow.