Leixoes to Figueira da Foz

Stephen & Anne
Mon 15 Oct 2007 11:56

40:08.834N 8:51.593W


We decided that the swell and grime at Leixoes was too much and it was time to move on. We left at 8am (later than planned) and set off for Figueira da Foz, about 60 miles down the coast .As there was very little wind we motored down. The pilot books say that the entrance to Figueira da Foz can be a bit exciting so we wanted to make sure we arrived in daylight.


The motor/sail down was uneventful. There were not even many lobster pots but Stephen kept seeing them as a mirage. He even thought he saw a whale but it was a boat. As you can tell there wasn’t a lot to do on this passage! We had a little excitement at the end when a fishing boat laying a net in a circle decided that our boat was the perfect centre to his circle. We managed to outwit him despite him changing course several times!


Mistletoe had set off 2 hours before us and at about 14.00 we saw a boat in the distance. We thought it might be them but it looked like they were heading across the Atlantic earlier than planned. An hour or so later they came back into view and contacted us on the radio. The route they had gone meant they could sail more than we did, however ours was a shorter route. Once again “Galloping Dragon” as they have re-named us got into harbor first.


We arrived about 18:00 and moored next to a catamaran that had 5 young kids on board. Once the cats were spotted we were boarded – Yoyo got lots of attention while Koshka hid.


Today its time to explore Figueira da Foz.


We have now sailed / motored past the 1000 mile point. Mum - alcohol consumption is getting back to normal!