Cagliari: International Art Exhibition

Stephen & Anne
Sun 15 Mar 2009 17:43

39.12.059N 9.07.504E


This week the weather really was in two extremes. For the first three days we had clear blue sky’s but 30-50kn of high winds. This prevented most activities. Then for the rest of the week the winds disappeared and left us with perfect weather (at last!).


Schooling of Bryn and Bethany from Cape was undertaken with a gusto this week with several one to one lessons on using excel. To help motivate their learning we set an exercise whereby they created an excel spread sheet that tracks the jobs they do each week and totals it up so they know how much their mum and dad should be paying them!


However the week was dominated by our new found love of painting (and shopping for artists materials – we are masters at the shopping bit!). Along with the other students in Dolores’ art classes, we put on an exhibition of over 100 paintings (we entered about 8 as we had only just started). We advertised around Cagliari and held a wine and canapés reception on the opening night at the marina. It was a brilliant success and Stephen had the honor of selling the first painting of the evening (it was the seagull – see last weeks blog).


We have appended the other pictures below and managed to sell a total of 4 pictures altogether. This helped offset some of the “professional shopping” that we are so good at!


Next week we really must start getting the boat ready or we will end up being here for another year! Maybe we should be motivated by Dolores leaving soon – we might need to follow her for more tuition.



The art work displayed in the Gazebo. The portrait (bottom left) is of Antinello the Marina owner






Stephen’s second painting. Note the guest                                               Anne’s Dolphins swimming alongside our boat

appearance of the seagull! SOLD!




A Cagliari sunset by Anne



The Red Boat by Anne. SOLD!


“Two penguins in a boat”. A study in Sepia by Anne (OK they’re not really supposed to be penguins!!)


Note we also sold both the paintings on last weeks blog.