37:08.585N 025:13.901E Paros, Naousa Bay

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Thu 23 Sep 2021 21:20

31st May to 3rd June, 2021.

Beautiful sunshine all the way from Kithnos to Paros with clouds ov

the mountains in the distance. The main and genoa spoilt the sunshin

in the cockpit but gave us a lift on the engine. We only saw one othe

yacht except for Brian and Mari in front of us.  A ferry could be seen

near Naxos but other than one big super yacht which was racing

across the water as fast as he could we were alone.

Jim missed a turtle on the way as it was swimming out of his way as

fast as it could. As it went past he thought at first it was a black plast

bag which we always try to avoid but we think it was asleep on the

surface and moved quickly when he saw Ariel moving along quickly

in the water.

We turned into Naousa Bay just before 1 p.m. and quickly found a

very nice spot not far off the beach having covered over 50 km. The

strange thing was the wind died late afternoon but seem to come bac

during the night but not bothersome.

The water is very clear and the sand soft which is why all the super

yachts appear during the day or stay for a night or two. We took the

dinghy to the shore to go to the beach tavena yesterday but as busy a

they were cleaning and making the place look nice it was not open to

the public.  Shame as Jim and Brian can remember the burgers of tw

years ago.  After a little walk we returned to the boats for Ariel food.

The beach seems to attract nudists so with eyes averted we went to t

beach for a walk leaving the dinghy away from them. Everyone is

entitled to their views but to display yourself to the boats appears a

little over the top.

Most beautiful evening with a fabulous sunset which the local boats

bring their customers to watch before the wind set in again the whole

night. Just before we went to bed we sat in the cockpit watching the

world at ease and a Monk seal appeared swimming across the bay. A

first we couldn’t believe it but we saw it several times and could see

it’s flippers as it dived.

The wind was not a problem just noisy and a lot of swinging around.

It is now 4 p.m. in the afternoon and it has died quite considerably b

it is still moaning in the back ground. Brian and Mari went into the

harbour but boats have been left tied up alongside the wall and left n

space for visitors.  They perched in a small space and went and got

some shopping and came back to the bay quickly. They said it was

very bumpy and quite uncomfortable. Unfortunately, no one is

organising these little harbours probably due to Covid and therefore

they are losing money which they could do without.

A lonely swift flew low across the water this morning near Ariel. Th

area around the bay is run as a National Park and work has been don

for paths to be made and hopefully people will follow as large pieces

of stone have been put in place to encourage people to keep to the

paths. We saw two beautiful butterflies and lots of bees.  Although th

plants and bushes look dead there are flowers appearing. Amazingly

a beautiful place with wonderful scenery.

Each morning a local fisherman comes around all the boats selling

fish which is lovely. He is the same chap who damaged Ariel with a

metal fitting two years ago but we were pleased to see he has a new

boat now.

Big yachts like Barracuda of Valetta are here. A bargain from

£175,000 for the week!!!!!