37:30.07N 23:27.24E Poros

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Thu 20 Jun 2013 16:35

Thursday, 13th June, 2013.


When we got up the local market on the quay in Ermondi was in full swing so after breakfast we went ashore for a look in beautiful sunshine.  There must have been over a hundred stalls selling wonderful fresh produce, local eggs and a whole selection of clothes and house whole items.  With a market like this we can see why the supermarkets don’t appear to have many vegetables on display.


It kept us amused for an hour or so and then it was time to show Alison and Steve the quay the over side of the island where we sat and had coffee having to move tables twice to avoid the rain dripping on us.  Once the rain stopped we walked around the country park and out to the point which took us back to our little bay. The sun was out again by now as if it had not rained a few minutes ago.


We reclaimed the anchor and were on our way to Poros having lunch on the way.  The wind started to kick in just opposite Idhra town and we were surfing along nicely.  A group of about 12 dolphins came over to look at us.  They didn’t stay long but it was a great sight while they were with us.


Jim negotiated the turn into the channel between the mainland and the small island and we could see lots of white water ahead.  On the hour without fail we have been checking for any water leaks with nothing.  Just before the entrance to Poros Jim turned the boat and we took down our main before motoring into the small channel.  After we took down the sail I looked for water, nothing.  Now about 20 minutes later we had reversed onto the quay and there was water under the stern sill and in the first box section of floor area.  Although it was only about an inch and half deep under the floor it did fill 6 ½ small washing up bowls to clear it out.  The sill was not dripping so where is this water coming from?  The mystery goes on as two days later when we left the quay we reversed back and forth but no water.  Jim even thought it may be a fitment on the water tanks but we have filled up again and nothing. 


There are several sparrows that obviously have nests in the palm trees which come and feed off your table or your hand and then fly off and feed the babies.  There is a very short space of time before they are back for their next piece of bread.


It was Alison and Steve’s last night with us so we went to the Poseidon, a restaurant opposite the quay for a lovely meal.  One of the best meals in Greece!

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