47:38.686N 03:26.864W Port Tudy - Isle de Groix

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sun 31 May 2009 07:54

47:38.686N  03:26.864W  Port Tudy - Isle de Groix




From the Belon River we sailed to windward for 26 miles to reach the rather beautiful Isle de Groix.  It looks very similar to Alderney, but about twice the size.  We managed after some fun to moor up to the visitors buoys in the outer harbour.  We shared a buoy to start with a classic old yacht, he is over 100 years old called ‘Master Frank’.  The skipper/owner had spent 3 years completely restoring her.  She was a working fishing boat until the early 1970’s in the Isle of Man.


We were later joined by another old classic old Breton fishing yacht from Audierne.  The two crews then began to party.  There was singing, music from an accordion and a large French horn.  We were royally entertained.  To finish off the music a man appeared on the harbour wall and played a trumpet to the whole harbour.


The harbour was very full and we couldn’t get into the inner harbour and the outer harbour was full of about 30 one design racing yachts who were gathered for a special weekend event of racing.


We went for a walk on the island and enjoyed the beautiful flowers and scenery.


During the afternoon and evening the wind settled into a NE direction and this unfortunately blew directly into the harbour causing a swell a general discomfort.  A bumpy night was endured by all.  We decided to leave in the morning due to the conditions and by 8am today we were off out of the harbour and sailed over to Lorient.


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