36:43.23N 27:41.39E Datca, Turkey

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sat 21 Jun 2014 15:49


Thursday 12th June, 2014.


We knew the strong wind was going to be fun but we managed a great sail and a few tacks for quite a few hours until we anchored in Datca harbour covering 31.37 miles..  Ariel preformed excellently under very difficult circumstances as usual and we managed to clock 9.3 knots at times with Frank and Jim loving every minute. We saw dolphins on the way especially for Sue which is always a pleasure for us both.  We had been surrounded by the Turkish coast and Greek islands all day.


We all went ashore to get to the port authority office to check out at 9 o’clock to be told you need an agent to the work.  Agent promptly found, transit log, passports all handed over with instructions to come back in an hour.  We had coffee, wandered around the shops and generally6 did some sight seeing before arriving back at the agents.  The Port Authority chap arrived at the agents office and asked that we pay the agent who stamped all the papers and to return to Ariel and then circle so he could see the name of the boat and he would be happy.  We did as we were asked and went back to Ariel pulled up the anchor and started to reverse towards the quay and we got waved on.  There was no way the chap could have read the name “Ariel of Hamble” under the dinghy but we didn't argue as we were happy to be heading for Greece.

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