48:16.810N 04:35.352W Camaret sur Mer

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Wed 20 May 2009 11:34

48:16.810N 04:35.352W  Camaret sur Mer


Well we have finally escaped and moved out of the Rade du Brest.  We were pinned in there because of very strong Westerly winds.  As beautiful as the Rade is we were eager to move on and venture South.


At Brest we visited the incredible Chateau du Marine, a big castle that dates back to Roman times and now is a museum to French Navy history.  We walked to the Botanical Gardens and spent a pleasant afternoon there for free !  The visit to Oceanopolis that was next door to the marina, was not free but well worth the visit to see the seals and penguins being fed in their real ice world and some amazing fish and sharks.


The Rade du Brest is a wonderful area to spend time in good weather to sail and explore.  The area is huge with many places to anchor and villages to visit and explore.


Camaret sur Mer is a pretty small town that obviously used to depend on fishing and now has to make what it can from visitors that arrive by car or boat.  Every third shop seems to now be an art gallery.  The harbour is lined with pretty coloured painted cottages and old fishing trawlers.  An old castle tower and church overlooks the harbour.

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