38 20 01N 20 44 08E Pera Pigadhi

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Mon 25 Jun 2012 12:18

38 20 01N   20 44 08E  Pera Pigadhi

20th June, 2012.

We left Sami this morning as we needed a change of scenery and we were making for Vathy on Ithaca.  After the thrill of seeing our first dolphins of the season we stopped and chatted to another couple we meet in Kioni who were making for Sami.  They told us about this bay with beautiful clear water and lovely surroundings.  It would be rude not to look so we motored into it and found a wonderful huge bay with an island overlooked by the mountain Koraka where we can swim to our hearts content.

The next morning the wind started to blow around breakfast time so we headed off to Kioni and stayed a few days.

It was very quiet and the flotilla's were no where to be seen!

The temperature for the sea was yesterday 33.2 on the gauge.  It is just like a warm bath!

We watched the England game last night (24th) after returning to Sami and were very disappointed along with lots of people sitting in the bar by the quay.  Next time!!!