41:57.69N 03:09.41E Cala Castell 1.5.2010.

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Wed 5 May 2010 10:57

41:57.69N   03:09.41E    Cala Castell    1.5.2010.


We woke to a cloudy damp morning and gradually the wind increased and the forecast showed 4 to 6 NE in the afternoon.  So after coffee time we decided to leave the little bay as we needed more shelter.  We retraced some of our route from Palamos and stopped at Cala Castell, the next bay to Cala Fosco near Palaos.  The sun was shining and we joined 3 or 4 motor cruisers who were using the cliff for shelter from the north wind.  In the afternoon the wind increased but Ariel just stayed at anchor.  We had lunch while watching the beach activities.  The water was only 15.6º C but the brave were swimming nude.  Much to cold for Jim and me to even put our toes in the water.  The other boats left us alone to a very still night at anchor.


The fishermen gradually left the beach not before one managed to catch our anchor chain.  There were a few shakes of fists from the captain and the fisherman but the dinghy didn’t need blowing up and being launched!



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