Marmaris - 50th Presidential Cycle Tour of Turkey 1st May, 2014.

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sat 3 May 2014 10:44


We were lucky enough to go into Marmaris and see the start of the next part of the cycle tour from Marmaris up into the mountains.  The convey of motor bike outriders consisting of security, photographers and cars forward and behind the riders with spare bikes, front wheels, back wheels together with the guest cars, police and team cars it made quite a convey for approximately 50 riders.  The professional riders were all dressed in superb colours with matching coloured bikes.  One of the teams was called “Changing Diabetes” although there was no clue to what country they represented.  I was so annoyed as we were only going to the market I didn’t take my camera!


A small demonstration before the start of workers from a local factory who started shouting and bringing out banners and throwing red carnations lasted not very long before they were silenced and matched away by the local police.


Two minutes later the riders were off to lots of clapping.  We were surprised how close they rode together as there was very little room for any mistakes.


The market was full with beautiful fruit and vegetables which we bought as we hope to be on our way if the weather allows.  It may be that we have to stay a few more days as high winds and thunder and lightning is forecasted from Saturday until Monday.  We are quite happy here and if the weather is going to be horrible we are in the best place.


On the way back from town we saw a large wild boar run across the road in front of the bus and the driver braked in time.  This was another first for us.