47:01.512N 02:17.684 L’Herbaudiere on Ile de Noirm outier

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sat 6 Jun 2009 20:14

47:01.512N 02:17.684  L’Herbaudiere on Ile de Noirmoutier


Now officially in Southern Brittany on The Vendee.


Just been robbed for 42 euros in the Harbour office for one nights stay!  Bit of a price change in one night to the next.


We went for a bike ride across to the other side of Ile de Noirmoutier to the town of Noirmoutier.  An impressive old castle in the centre of town.  The island is a  very flat place with lots of small and very small cottages.  Saw some of the original salt pans where the produce sea salt when the weather is hotter.  A change in the weather to come and the barometer is falling.  Just had a heavy down pour of rain and the sky looks set for some more.


Oysters and mussles for dinner, still somebody has got to eat them.


A race fleet has come to join us in the harbour some 80 yachts it seems who are off the do the Race des Isles tomorrow a course of 80 miles starting at 1500 hrs, lucky them.

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