46:43.631N 02:20.730W Ile d’Yeu

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Tue 9 Jun 2009 13:53

46:43.631N 02:20.730W    Ile d’Yeu

8th June, 2009.


Jim was up early as he had decided we were going to move to the Ile d’Yeu and the harbour of Joinville. The weather reports were giving better weather conditions for the day. On looking at the charts it is nearly opposite St. John de Monts where we went camping when Graham was about 10 months old.


The French racers were also on the move and to our horror were also heading for the island.  It was not a wonderful journey as the wind was not helping and the 22 miles took just under 8 hours, we ended up logging 48 miles into a brisk SE breeze.  Lots of tacking back and forth. The confused sea had big Atlantic rollers but Ariel looked after us well, even in the thunder and lightening show.


Midway through the journey we were very lucky to have a family of approximately 12 Atlantic (Common) dolphins come and give us a display for nearly 20 minutes. We were so pleased to see them and there was even a very small baby (large handbag size) one swimming and jumping with them.  They swam under the boat back and forth and at one point they were swimming both sides of us. Unfortunately, they disappeared as quickly as they arrived.  It was so rough I am sorry there are no photographs. 


We arrived at Joinville and tied up before most of the racing boats and to our surprise out came the sun but it did not last and very soon it was pouring with rain again.
The pilot book shows this as a tuna fishing port so we are off to the local fish shop is search of fresh tuna.

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