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Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Mon 7 Jul 2014 22:07

Saturday 28th June, 2014.


We had a wander around Ermioni and strolled to our favourite coffee shop overlooking the other side of the town bay before heading back for lunch. In order to make use of the breeze we headed out of Ermioni and out past the island of Dhokos and along the coast towards Spetses.  The breeze gave us a fabulous sail of nearly 12.8 miles

 and with a boat to catch and overtake Jim was in his element.  We were able to see the beautiful houses on the headlands where all the rich and famous must live.  The views they have are wonderful and they all seem to have pools in their grounds and steps down to the waterfront area.


We anchored in the bay off of the main quay to swim. We saw the ex-King of Greece come back on his very lovely wooden yacht before his staff put it back on a buoy in the bay. 


We could see on the quay lots of rubbish which we had also seen in Ermioni.  Apparently a few weeks ago the Mayor changed for the area and the burning of rubbish has been stopped so no rubbish is being collected.  It is a health hazard especially when the sun is very hot every day.  We are hoping it will be sorted out very soon.


 Along came a boat and called to Jim and it was our French friends whom we thought were back in France with their boat getting ready to cross the Atlantic in the winter.  They had not got out of the areas of Greece last year as they enjoyed the islands too much but were starting their journey from here.  They came aboard and we caught up over drinks before we all headed to bed early as they also had spent the previous night awake worrying about their boat in the strong winds.

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