43:40.125N 07:35.676W Vivero

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Thu 9 Jul 2009 18:19

43:40.125N  007:35.676W     Vivero


4th July, 2009.


We arrived at Vivero after sailing 46 miles along the coast.  The sail started off very well but the wind came up and we had to reef both the main and genoa.  At times Ariel was recording 8 and 9 knots of speed and we were moving along nicely.   Vivero is situated on the beautiful ria of the same name.  All along the coast you see wind turbines for producing electricity.

Our French friends whom we have met on the way along the NW Spanish coast had delivered to Ariel in the morning a fish pie and a cake which he thought we would enjoy.  We had this for lunch as we sailed along with salad.  It was absolutely delicious and left us wanting to find this pie for ourselves.

We were quite exhausted and had pizza and salad for tea.  Jim and Mark went off to the supermarket for a few provisions as we knew we could not count on the supermarket being open on Sunday.

When they returned Jim suggested a walk into the old town.  It was so lucky we all agreed as there was a medieval festival in full swing to our surprise.  Up every side street there were a selection of stalls selling jewellery, teas, cakes, pottery, glass ware, sweets, pickles, cheeses, ham and wood carvings to name a few.

All the stall holders were dressed in costume and so were many of the local people walking around.  We heard the music coming towards us as we walked along the stalls which were all lit up as it was dark and looked very pretty.   We were not prepared for the fire making man and behind him the ugliest looking man (make up) being pulled in a cage on wheels with guards around it frightening everyone for effect.  Everyone jumped out of the way just in case they stopped near you.

To get into the swing of the evening we had to stop at one of the open restaurants for octopus, bread and red wine as this seemed to be the food of the evening.  It was fun watching everyone in their costumes. Neither Jackie nor I had taken our camera much to our annoyance!!!!!

On Sunday it poured with rain heavily so we set off to the old town around late morning under umbrellas.  We passed under the Plateresque Gate of Charles V.  It is decorated with coats of arms, medallions and an image of St.Roch, the town’s patron saint. Opposite the gate is the 15th century bridge, Ponte del la Misericordia.

We saw in the square many houses with glass enclosed balconies which the area is famous for.  We saw the 19th century clock and belfry of the Iglesia de Santa Maria and several churches of note.  One church appears it is being restored but at present they are only digging carefully through the tombs and ground level. 

We brought a sardine pie and a tuna pie, cheese, ham and fresh bread for lunch which was delicious.  We can recommend it to anyone.

We walked in the afternoon to the fishing area of town and were horrified to see how some of the houses were so weak. They were being held up with RSJ’s outside with large cracks under windows or up the walls and families were still living there. New buildings seem to be put in between where they have taken old ones out.  To us it seems very strange.


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