46:30.149N 01:47.428W Les Sables D’Olonne

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sat 13 Jun 2009 19:54

46:30.149N 01:47.428W     Les Sables D’Olonne


12th June, 2009.


We decided we should move to Les Sables at midday as the tide was right in our quest to be at La Rochelle by Monday to meet Jackie and Mark from the airport.  We had both enjoyed the island and will one day go back to visit.  As Jim can not resist the very nice fish shop we had to visit the town again in the morning for whelks and oysters and have coffee overlooking the harbour with some new English friends we have met.


We had no idea how many English people are sailing every summer by leaving their boats in French ports each winter and then they go home for the winter and come out again the following year.  As Brittany lends itself to small hops between ports it is an ideal part of the world to base yourself.  Others are like us are moving towards Northern Spain and Portugal and we keep seeing each other at different ports.


We had a wonderful sail, all the way to Les Sables and arrived on time for the high water at the entrance.  We were given a very easy berth in this beautiful marina with very good facilities and for the first time security gates on the pontoons. The new Jeanneau 57 passed us by being taken for a test sail and they were all looking at Ariel’s wonderful colour.


13th June, 2009.


We are moored on the west side of the river in the marina, Port Olona on the La Chaume town side.  Les Sables is on the other side of the river. This morning we walked along this side of the river to the castle and then took the one minute ferry to the other side of the river to visit Les Sables.  The town of Les Sables had a wonderful open day being hosted by the fishermen.  Inside the tents they were handing out oysters, frying pieces of fish and showing people how they could fillet fish.  Two trawlers and the police boat were all receiving visitors.  Several tents were selling items of clothing.   Some of the ladies were in national head dress costume.  Luckily the sun shone on them and everyone was having a wonderful time.


The marina we are in is the home to the Vendee Globe yacht race and has every facility available.  We are moored across from some very fast looking boats with marvellous paint jobs.  The French appear to wander down the pontoon to see these boats.

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