37:35.596N 023:20.331E Vathy harbour on Methana

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Wed 6 Oct 2021 14:12

Friday 16th July, 2021.

It was sad to leave Aegina but we were heading for another of our favourite little harbours on Methana. The water temperature is over 29 degrees and very acceptable for swimming. It is great to wake up every morning with beautiful sunshine until you go to bed. We are so lucky and we know it.

As we approached the wall we could see there was only one or two yachts already on the quay. Brilliant just as we motored in our spot being first on the wall was free.  It allows you the magnificent view of looking down the bay and being able to swim from Ariel undisturbed.

Costus the harbour master turned up at 6 p.m. as always calling for “papers Captains” and Jim and his fellow captains all collect their papers and line up for Costus to dish out his receipt.  Like most harbours in Greece the first day they charge you for arriving and one night which means you pay for two days and thereafter you pay for a day at a time.  It isn’t right but it works for the Greeks!

As it so lovely in Vathy we stayed three nights so we could have dinner at the restaurant with the red check tablecloths.  Fabulous lady straight away serves hot toast with olive oil and two small dishes for the toast before she even takes your order. The fish salad as a starter is served with beetroot and is divine. Everything tastes so nice and is all home prepared and cooked. When you have finished battered balls arrive with chocolate and honey and a little bottle of rosé wine and a little spirit added. Wonderful!!!! We were asked twice where to eat and we said there is no where better and both lots came back to thank us.

It is so nice to be able to use the ladder and climb down straight into the warm water three or four times a day especially being it is so hot. In the evenings the lady fishermen come and catch tiny fish for about an hour before dark and never go home without a few in the buckets.

We read our books and just enjoyed the scenery. It is what dreams are made of when it is cold and wet at home in the winter.

I said goodbye to the little lady and she very kindly gave me a big bottle of the rose wine spirit. Fabulous it won’t last long.