41:11.84N 09:16.56E Pozzo, Sardinia

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Thu 12 Aug 2010 19:12

41:11.84N   09:16.56E   Pozzo, Sardinia


The anchorage at Ile Lavazzi was quite worrying as the wind which had blown all day was supposed to have dropped but instead it intensified.  Both of us were up several times checking we were safe and none of the other boats were dragging in our direction.  As usual we wake to bright sunshine but a strong wind.  After breakfast we set off the ten miles across the Bonifacio Straits to a reasonable size bay on Sardinia called Pozzo.

We sailed on the genny alone as we were making very good time and in just over an hour we had passed the entrance to the bay and a very posh looking holiday village with green grass in front of the hotel down to the beach, umbrella’s and loungers on the beach.  We were soon anchored at the head of the bay.  There were several mooring buoys empty but we have confidence in Ariel’s anchor and chain and although the book advises “suspect ground” we thought if necessary we will move to a buoy but there was no need.  Boats with 3 decks like Pascal of London joined us for the afternoon.

We were very lucky when a family of seven dolphins came fishing in the bay and passed Ariel on their search. We suddenly had a dozen ribs all following the dolphins which did worry us but the dolphins who had a baby with them did not take any notice of the very excited rib riders and kept on fishing and then finally swam out to sea.

The camp site on the beach in front of us had a big water sports area which appeared very nice with organised trainers for the dinghy and wind surfers. They had a beautiful bay to practise in.

Around five o’clock about one hundred ribs started coming into the bay from the Straits and we had managed to pick the bay which had been holding a “rib” gathering.  They all had their boats lifted out of the water onto trailers and after a meeting in the club house they were gone home.

Before dinner we decided as the wind had dropped a little we would investigate Pozzo for bread and fruit.  The high street consists of approximately two small supermarkets and a cake shop (cakes only, no bread) so it didn’t take us long to wander around the village.

Just before sun set 4 ribs arrived with families on board and anchored just off the beach.  Two had hard tops; one had a dinghy on top and another a beach toy. They put up awnings and slept there for the night. A new one for camping holidays!


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