38:36.87N 20:41.52E Sivota, Lefkada

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Mon 23 Jul 2012 19:53

Sivota, Lefkada.  Thursday 12th July, 2012.

We left Kastos early for us as we knew our anchor was free and it was a good time to be off.  We had watched several of the flotilla boats trying to untangle their chain and anchors.  Once away from the island we made for a small uninhabited island called Formikoula where we anchored and swam in lovely clear water.  Frank being the explorer took the dinghy and climbed to about 100 feet to the little light house.  As it is not a well trodden route he came back with scratches all over his legs and a broken croc shoe but he did get some good photographs.

Once away from the island the wind blew hard down through the gap between Lefkada and Celphonia as the wind gathered speed as it made for the Meganisi Channel.  Due to the amount of wind we were soon in Sivota topping out at 8.74 knots on the way.  The islands are very mountainous and the wind seems to gather speed and rush down any of the valleys in its way.

We went on the pontoon where there is water and electricity for the benefit of running the fans at night to enjoy a little coolness while we sleep.  It is unbelievable we are in hot sunshine everyday and when we phone home it is raining again.  Hopefully with the school holidays arriving soon the British weather will improve.

We met up with Tricia and Clive who had moved their boat from Malta this year.  We ate upstairs at the taverna connected to the pontoon overlooking the quay surrounded with beautiful climbing flowers.  The swallow’s nest was in the rafters away from the tables and they were coming and going all the time.  We could hear the chicks calling for food.  We had a lovely meal and enjoyed the company of our friends who we had not seen for several months.

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