36:59.96N 27:47.52E Cokertime, Carian coast.

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Tue 20 May 2014 20:00


Tuesday, 20th May, 2014.


We were on our way to find a new view for the day.  We were told of Cokertime by fellow Brits which is on the Carian coast past Bodrum.  The sail went up as soon as we were out of the harbour at Gumusluk and we soon picked up the wind as we past Turgutreis and rounded the final headland of Koca as we headed into the bay of Bodrum.  We have seen two Naval ships, one a supply ship and the other a very new destroyer, four helicopters and the Turkish coast guard ship all within an hour or so.  Three big power boats all seem to want to come close and swamp us when there is no one else out here.


I couldn't get Jim to stop at Karaada Island (Black Island) off of Bodrum for the mineral springs or the mud baths.  Apparently a very expensive cosmetic company use to package the mud up and sell as an expensive product for the skin and I could have had mine for free.


Ariel was sailing along on the main doing a very nice 5.5 to 7 knots as we passed along the coastline. We kept the speed up until we turned into Cokertime bay.  Four pontoons in front of us with four little ribs some with flags waving to us to pull up on their jetty.  The first one with the hotel won as it had the biggest toughest jetty with electricity and water and lanterns along the wooden bridge to shore leading to the restaurant.  Run by a Turkish family who live in Walthamstow during the winter!

A beautiful view, a lovely meal and we had our first swim of the year.  

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