39:57.51N 23:54.81E Porto Koufos

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sun 16 Sep 2018 15:08

36.  39:57.51N    23:54.81E

Porto Koufos

Wednesday 12th September, 2018.

We left Thessaloniki sadly as there are still a few places we want to go in the north but with no instruments we need to use the weather to get south.

The weather was good and we had a good breeze taking us across the big bay to the headland.  Once around the headland and after our car journey we now know what is on the land and what to avoid like the low land.

It wasn’t long before two big dolphins came and played with us for a few minutes.

We motored sailed all day rounding the headlands of Epanomi, Sani, Posidhion and Palliouri. The engine went on and went off with a little breeze coming and going.  Just after we past Palliouri to cross from the Kassandra Pennisula to the Simthonia finger with the sun starting to set with our backs to it I noticed a funny looking cloud which seem to be further up the gulf near Nea Marmaras.  It seem to have some rain with it and wind but didn’t seem to be moving our way. Jim motored a little harder and I put up the hood just in case.   Not far from the entrance when we thought we had out ran it an almighty rain cloud with thunder and lightning came over the mountain and our whole world went black. Jim had to head Ariel up to the north to depower her as he couldn’t see a thing.  No instruments so we were at the mercy of the storm.  Ten minutes later the storm had passed through and Jim could see into the landlocked bay which is difficult to make out from sea. We were lucky as a few more metres and we could have been looking at the rocks.

We were very pleased to be able to anchor and rest while I cooked dinner.  We had covered over 100 miles and it was a difficult end which had exhausted us both.  This is sailing for you always some surprises and you should never under estimate or take for granted the power of the wind and sea!!!!!!