Samos - Pythagoreio Harbour 13th June, 2021

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Wed 6 Oct 2021 13:34

37:41.38N    26:56.56E

13th June, 2021.

We had enjoyed our time on Arki and had investigated quite a bit of

the island so it was time to move on to Samos where we had not been

since 2013 when we joined the Cruising Association rally on their

Dodecanese trip. We set the alarm for 6.30 a.m. and even then we

perhaps should have got up earlier as the wind was whipping around

the headland we needed to pass on our way to Samos.  It was a few

minutes before we could eat our breakfast as the wind was strong. Jim

had the main ready to launch but had to tie it as it was starting to

creep up the mast and we didn’t need the problems of a main doing its

own thing.

Once we turned the corner and started to head towards Samos and get

away from the Arki island we were able to run a small part of the

genoa. The wind blows around the islands and causes a quite

confused sea. As we moved through the miles more and more genoa

came out and we were lucky enough to have the whole sail out in

time. The Mediterranean Sea can chop up quickly with wind but

equally can flatten off once the wind drops. 

Samos is part of the northeast Aegean group of islands along with

Patmos in the south and Thasos in the north. As we approached

Samos and Pythagoreio harbour we could see the long wall which

looks never ending and you could even think you were heading for

the marina. We have travelled 265 miles since launching on the 24th

May, 2021 to get here.

Already on the quay were Tricia and Clive, Brian and Mari who had

come over the dayearlier in case the weather changed without much

warning as thunderstorms and strong winds are on the weather

forecast for Monday.  Lazy lines and backing onto the quay all went

fine and very soon we were all sorted ready for lunch. We arrived the

day the quay started charging which for us is 30 euros but power and

water is included. Some boats were anchored in the beach bay before

the harbour quay in beautiful blue water where later in the afternoon

we had a beautiful swim. We spent the afternoon resting before

walking to the castle in the evening and along the wall.