47:48.87N 03:42.57W Belon River

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sat 30 May 2009 21:05

47:48.87N 03:42.57W  Belon River


We left Concarneau early on the morning of the 28th May for the Belon River in order to be at the Belon River in time to be able to pass over the bar at the mouth of the river.  We had a very nice sail down wind to Belon and motored just before the entrance. The effort was very worth while as it was beautiful and only two fellow sailing boats arrived during the morning. A quiet tranquil setting with the chateau and restaurant on one side of the river and the fish market and a dozen houses on the opposite shore. The small fishing boats supply the fish market and when the fish is gone there is nothing until tomorrow’s catch.

Jim was insistent if the weather was right we had to go and sample the Belon Château oysters as they are world famous.  Jim rowed us ashore and we set off to find these famous oysters for lunch.  We were not disappointed after buying 12 oysters from the chateau and rowing back to Ariel.  Jim opened the parcel to find we had 16 and they were delicious washed down with a lovely white wine.  This is indeed a wonderful way to spend the summer.

We sat and enjoyed the sun shine just watching the life of the river with the occasional walker or two waving to us until a party of 20 lady walkers passed by all laughing and giggling at the couple in the boat.  We had no idea what they were laughing at! After dinner we went for a walk along the river path through the woods with the sun shining through following a very well trodden path used by all the locals.  It was one of those magic days you don’t want to end.

When we left the next morning there was already three or four local man fishing the river in little dinghies catching little pout whiting, perhaps for fish soup.

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