40:18.55N 23:03.49E Nea Kallikratia

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Thu 2 Aug 2018 20:35

Monday 25th July, 2018.

After a very lazy Sunday due to the uninviting sea the wind has dropped considerably and we set off across the 6 ½ bay to the corner and down the coast to Nea Moudhania.  We saw dolphins which made Sue’s day and we were constantly putting up the hood and taking it down to hide us from the rain.  The engine went on and then it was off again as the wind was struggling to make up its mind.

It became clear as the clouds formed we were going to have to check the fishermen’s harbour at Nea Kallikratia as the sea was starting to whip up and become quite uncomfortable.  Luckily we found one space of wall which was just right for Ariel.  We had covered 29.81 miles.

The heavens opened and for the next 36 hours we had thunder and lightning and torrential rain.  It was so heavy the streets just ran with water and it all hit the beach and washed a lot of the sand away.  The locals said they had never experienced anything like it before.  They can’t understand why the weather patterns in Greece are changing.

The water authorities released the pumping station waste into the harbour as the water levels rose.  It unfortunately became poo harbour and the gases could be seen rising all over the harbour.  The smell was awful but there was nothing we could do but wait it out until the weather improved.  Three nights is a long time when you know that there are so many lovely places to be!!!!!

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