Poros 16th May, 2019.

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Wed 15 May 2019 19:33


16th May, 2019.

We are still on the quay and awaiting our outboard to

return. Could be today or perhaps tomorrow who knows

this is Greece!  It is a lovely place to be with great

walks along the quay and little lanes up into the old

town checking out the shops and spotting the

restaurants with a view.

Yachts come and go everyday and we have met some

very nice people. 

We had entertainment the other night when Bollywood

was in town filming on the quay with actors and

dancers waiting for the sunset.  Unfortunately for them

a cloud came and dampened the sunset and suddenly

their opportunity was gone and it was a wrap.  The

lights were all packed away and the whole group

disappeared into the restaurants.

Another boat has seen three young dolphins in the bay

so we will keep our eyes open when we are able to


After two days of registering for the Greek cruising tax

we were able to print it and pay at the post office.  We

are now officially all paid up for this year.  Not sure

why we are celebrating having to paid about 105 euros

a month but the whole process took so long it was such

a relief to pay.  Many have given up and are going to

agents to get the job done and others are going to ignore

it and wait and see if anyone asks them for the receipt

and if they do say we don’t know anything about it as

there are no leaflets or forms other than on line and if

you don’t have a computer on board why would you

know. Next year will be different as when the Depka

needs stamping they will need to see your cruising tax

payment. The silly thing is it was launched on line on

the 9th May but no one could get through and then the

site went down for maintenance and like Jim who

registered with his email address never got a reply so

we had to resort to using mine and that worked. Jim did

try and re-register but it said his email address was

already being used.