37:18.67N 23:07.85E Porto Heli

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Wed 31 Jul 2019 17:03

Thursday 11th July, 2019.

We had a quiet night on the quay and woke to beautiful sunshine.  There is nothing like Greece with wonderful views everywhere.

After breakfast we went shopping and came back for a swim from the steps on the harbour wall.  So much warmer than a month ago. The wind was making the sea a little choppy but it was heaven being able to cool down.

Trisha an Clive came for lunch and they were treated to my take on a “Dockos salad”,  jelly, custard, peaches and cream all washed down with two bottles of wine.

After a quiet afternoon and another swim we went to dinner while Trisha and Clive went over to the quiet anchorage the other side of the bay. Sailing Holidays brought 11 boats to the south quay and very soon it was filling up fast.  Some were at the very shallow end of the quay where we wouldn’t dare go but when you charter do you care. The restaurants are pleased with the number of visitors needing food so everyone is happy.

While we were sat at Maria’s restaurant the clouds started to form over the mountains so with a little weather watching on the Iphone which had been updated and changed from two hours earlier Jim decided we would eat up and leave for Porto Heli. Better to arrive in the dark and not be woken in the night with the wind blowing us towards the quay with lots of charter boats around us.

A quick telephone call to Trisha and Clive who had been watching the clouds from across the bay and they didn’t need to think about it.  They immediately took up their anchor and left while we were still eating and walking back to the south quay.

Luckily, we were able to leave within a few minutes after thanking the cafe chap for all his help over the two days.  The anchor came up and with the lines taken in we were on our way.  We couldn’t see Trisha and Clive ahead of us but they were.  The sea was quite rolly and a little uncomfortable and the darkness was soon upon us.  The genny came out and was quite a help for about an hour until the wind changed and started to flog.  The lights of Spetis were very bright and a welcome sight. The only boats we saw were the small water taxis travelling between Porto Heli and the island of Spetses. 

We followed the Raymarine and motored into the channel of Porto Heli.  Trisha and Clive had already anchored and were ready with their lights to show us where a good space was for us to anchor.

After 13.3 neutral miles it was time for a coffee and bed even the noise from the bar on the quay didn’t keep us awake.

The next day (Friday 12th July) we went ashore and walked to the Port Police to see cupboards being craned out of the office as they have a new office around the bay and they were shut for the day.

We sat and had coffee looking out over the bay before stopping at the supermarket for more supplies. We were lucky to be invited to our French friend’s villa for dinner.  They took procession of it on the 1st June and plan to spend 8 months of the year in Porto Heli.  The villa has 5 bedrooms with countless balconies and wonderful views and a swimming pool.  Definitely a bargain and something which will go up in value in the foreseeable future with the new marina being built. Its amazing how wonderful sardines taste from the bbq.






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