37:07.74N 025:13.370EParos Island Naousa Bay

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Wed 6 Oct 2021 13:53

1st July, 2021.

With a forecast of severe wind to come Jim decided we should cross from Arki to Paros as Naousa Bay would keep us safe. We travelled a total of 70.9 miles which proved to be a challenging day.

We motored sailed out of the bay and up to the corner of Patmos and once away from the corner started sailing and managed 40 miles until we could see the top corner of Naxos.  Very quickly the wind got up and we were taking 25 knots of wind in a very confused sea.  The ever racing sailor was reefing the main and we were roaring along but I must admit I was very pleased to see the entrance into Naousa Bay. We had taken a few waves over the bow but nothing to worry about as we powered along across from Naxos to Paros channel.  The pull of water which rushes down this channel is very strong.

A very large cat started to race us and overtook us by as he went by his two huge engines were working hard.  Jim who hates to lose was very pleased to see the cat wasn’t playing fair.

We got our sails down in the harbour and motored to the part of the bay we have never been before in as far as you can go and anchored in front of the small island with the little church facing us.

Paros is the third largest Cycladic island and is famous for its white marble. Paros has many ferries in and out of the island with lots of tourists.  During July and August the coast is buffeted by strong winds and it can be a wind-surfers paradise. Naousa is very busy in the evenings with holiday makers making for the water side restaurants with the sunset in full view.  There is a rabbit warren of little lanes with shops selling beautiful jewellery, clothing and niknacs.


We had two lovely days in the bay.  We took the dinghy to the harbour and had coffee and cake at the famous bakeries Ragoussis and I have to admit we bought some for another day. We did a spot of food shopping before we took the dinghy back to Ariel. As the wind had changed direction we moved down to the sunset bay and anchored with some big boys.  We cannot believe how they keep changing places.  One moves into a waiting spot before the one who is moving moves out.  They must all chat to each other but with so many coming and going there is a continuation of something to watch. On the first evening Euros 2020 were playing and there was a lot of shouting from one of the boats.  We were following on our phones checking the scores every now and again.

We wanted to eat at the beach bar and they do a very nice burger to celebrate what would have been Mum’s 99th birthday so we decided we would go late afternoon as the wind was blowing. Again we were disappointed like a few weeks ago it was closed this time due to a wedding taking place later in the evening in the posh restaurant.  We are not meant to eat here just a G&T with ice but no lemon at the price of 7 Euros each served in plastic cups. Not too romantic. 

Another beautiful sunset it was a lovely quiet evening.