37:31.09N 23:26.09E Poros, Russian Bay.

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sat 27 Jun 2015 08:05

 Poros, Russian Bay.


24th June, 2015.


For a change of scenery with Clive and Tricia we have moved up to Russian Bay for swimming and for Jim to try out his new yellow line for pulling back on the rocks.  The yellow line floated and did the job.


A lovely little bay which so named as the Russians had a camp here.  Since we came here last year a moment has been erected which tells the story of the occupation.


The goats wander across the beach and off up into the hills.  Beautiful coats like an afghan dogs.


A big cruiser with a water slide is anchored in the bay also.  The beach cafe only has a few people swimming or rowing ashore for ice creams etc. but they play nice Greek music all the time.  Hoping to spend the night here as it is very rustic with the goats roaming along the beach.

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