37:15.85N 23:09.85E Spetses

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sun 7 Jul 2013 10:05

26th June, 2013.


We had a lovely morning visiting Ermioni town for fresh bread and to sit and have coffee overlooking the water and looking to the mountains in the distance.  Once back at Ariel we had lunch and then it was up anchor and off to Spetses using the afternoon breeze.  We had a marvellous sail with the breeze in our favour.


We moored alongside the fuel pontoon which cost us 25 euros for the night but allowed us water and electricity for the cost.  We had not been there long when the catamaran from the day before which had tried to go through the gap at the Bay of Skillaion appeared, asked about fuel and water and then disappeared as they said they had found a chap who could help them.  Later a charter yacht with a South African family aboard joined us on the quay leaving a small third berth.  About 30 minutes later the catamaran returned and thought he could squeeze into the small space which was going to be impossible.  The fuel lady had now returned from her afternoon rest and beckoned him to anchor off the charter boat and Ariel and dinghy the fuel pump to the catamaran which they did with looks of horror from us all.  There were lots of words of advice and after half an hour or so the boat was full.  They had managed to make the pump blow back and hence a little went in the water but otherwise they managed fine.  Back came the diesel and out went the water hose and filled for what seemed like hours as it was empty.  Once the whole process was over the catamaran was on its way with 5 chaps and 1 girl from different parts of the world who had met to sail for two weeks.  They all seem to be having a great time.


We had decided to eat out so we wandered slowly into town looking for the busiest restaurant on our way.  Nothing caught our eye so we stopped for a drink and then wandered back to the first restaurant we liked the look of.  A beautiful setting with tables out on the quay with water on three sides. We had walked through a very interesting bar area with a show case of knots.  The menu outside showed a list of today’s specials like fresh mussels.  We all decided from the listing outside there was something for everyone.  Once sat down the waiter gave out the menus and asked if we would like water.  No problem there while we looked over a menu which did not resemble quite what we had read outside.  After what seemed like a long period the waiter appeared for our order. The chap did not try to sell it to us or offer any specials so we paid for the water and left. The boys had looked at the wine menu and decided it was far too expensive.  The surroundings and scenery was perfect but the waiter service and prices were unreasonable.


Just 50 yards back towards Ariel was a little restaurant which was being run from what must once have been their lounge with tables outside.  The lady came out to meet us, told us the specials of the day and asked us to join the other diners which we did.  We sat on the small balcony looking out to the water with an old wooden boat in front of us which at sometime had been a project for someone.  The service was good, the food excellent and the atmosphere great with the locals sitting at other tables.  Why we had walked into town we don’t know as we had an excellent restaurant just a few paces from Ariel.


The night was hot but we had our fans which were a welcome extra for the night as there was not a breath of air.

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