44:04.00N 09:51.25E Le Grazie

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Thu 29 Jul 2010 19:34

44:04.00N    09:51.25E   Le Grazie


On arriving in La Spezia bay in the dark after having to round Palmaria Island as the channel through the Portovenere Passage is shallow dropping to 2 and 3 metres in places.  We anchored along with other boats and many could be heard partying on the beach.  We both awake around 2 a.m. with the wind roaring and the anchorage becoming very uncomfortable.  Jim took the decision to move further into the bay and we therefore moved to Le Grazie bay which was very comfortable and the three of us returned to bed.  Le Grazie lies just inside the western entrance to the Rada di La Spezia.

Le Grazie is a peaceful village with houses all around the harbour with some nice little bar/restaurants, one little supermarket and most importantly a laundrette. These are very precious as they are very difficult to find anywhere.  Usually it is laundry service only.

The next morning we took Ariel and anchored off the Island of Palmaria where we swam in the hot sun and watched hundreds of Italians come and go in their boats of all sizes big and small.  Beautiful anchorage but hugely used by everyone.  Roll on Monday again!

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