38:42.38N 20:42.87E Vlikho Bay, Lefkas

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Fri 17 Aug 2012 14:02

38:42.38N    20:42.87E   Vlikho Bay Lefkas.


Tuesday, 14th August, 2012.


Lefkas here we come.  Surprise, surprise the wind is on the nose so we had to motor again but not to worry as the new anchor is waiting for us.


We asked the berthing officer if we could stop at the marina for 30 minutes so Jim did not want to put the anchor down.  No that was not possible so we anchored in the pool as there was no room on the wall and Jim rowed ashore to go to the chandlers.


15 minutes later he was back with the new anchor well wrapped up in bubble wrap.  An English couple on a charter boat helped him get the anchor in the dinghy suggested he pull alongside the old fishing boat which never moves.


We managed to get along side and tie the lines.  Now to the job of getting the old Delta off and the new Rocna 25 in place.  We very carefully winched the Delta on the spinnacker line out of the bow roller and down on the deck and we put the Rocna which is 10 pounds heavier on the bow roller in the same way.  No problems or shouting were encountered and the new Rocna 25 is now proudly on the bow of Ariel.


An Irish voice from the next boat along called just as we had finished the manoeuvring asked if he could help and what we were going to do with the old anchor as he needed a new one.  His brother swears by a Delta.  Over it went to his boat, yes it fitted but he needed to ask his wife if they could buy it.  When she appeared two hours later they decided they had better buy a new battery so back it came.  We decided to ask him if it fitted and did he want it he could come and collect it again and have it.  They were both definitely shoe string cruisers and the Delta would only sit at the bottom of our locker and probably not get used again so it was our good deed for the day.


Once all this was over we were casting off and on our way back to Vlikho trying out the new anchor for a swim in one of the bays on the way.  It held well!  Of course, we could not sail as it is on the nose again.


Anchoring in Vlikho for the night with the big ship we went ashore to the Yacht Club and Jim met up with some chaps he had raced the Offshores against when he was still a police man.  Small world.

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