38:36.87N 20:41.52E Sivota.

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Thu 2 Aug 2012 13:29

Sivota.   Friday 27th July, 2012.

The next day Jim spoke to the staff on the Stavros tavern pontoon and we moved there.  It is a great place for safety from the wind and it has electricity and water which is always a great help for the batteries once a month.  It is amazing how many friendly English people you meet who have recognised Ariel from other ports or bays.  Many have been sailing for 15 to 25 years always around the Ionian area.

We enjoyed a lovely Stavros lunch hoping for wifi but it was so flaky we had to give up even though we were right in the building.  Most times Jim’s mobile will connect even if for only a short time which helps us check the weather.

Tricia and Clive caught us up the next day when they went on the harbour quay and they came on board for lunch.  We enjoyed a lovely afternoon swim and when Tricia and Clive left in the evening they spotted the Olympics opening ceremony was on the TV.  We quickly went up to the bar and saw we think about three quarters of the evening’s events starting with Mr. Bean.  We finally went to bed at 3 a.m. just after the bronze petals had been lit.  We thought from what we saw it was marvellous and a very remarkable programme the organisers had planned.  Just hoping we get some medals now!

The swallows nest on walls even if they are in the taverna the Greeks will not move them as they believe it brings good luck to the taverna and family which run it.

Tricia and Clive were offered £450 (printed on the ticket) each tickets for 2 hours of athletics which they decided was much too expensive when you add in the travelling costs and food etc.  It is a great pity so many people could not get any tickets as they were not available but the stadiums appear quite empty in some of the events we have seen snatches of.  Where did the tickets go for the normal people and why were so many given to sponsors who have not used them?

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