37:45.32N 23:07.32E Korfos

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Mon 27 May 2019 21:38

Thursday 23rd May, 2019.

We had a very quiet night on the anchor at Epidharvr

and woke to another lovely bright sunny morning. Af

breakfast and some shopping ashore we left

Epidharvros for the bay of Moni off of Aeigina and n

far from the bay of Perdika.

We motored passed Angistri and saw the little

anchorage near Limanaria but we were intent on

visiting the lovely bay of Moni. 

As time went on the afternoon breeze started to set in

early and before long it was romping down the side o

Aegina and pushing waves into Moni.  We tried to en

the bay but it was going to be so uncomfortable once

anchored so I had to make do with photographs.

We had to motor into the wind and just before Aegina

harbour wall Jim managed to find the only rock in th

water and the keel slowly jumped over it.  The captai

wasn’t too pleased but no damage other than another

little job to do in the boat yard!!!!

We anchored and had lunch but it was uncomfortabl

Gradually the wind subsided and we wondered if it w

possible for the night as looking into the harbour ther

wasn’t any spaces. Jim looked at the weather sites an

was showing a very green area of wind over the who

area.  Therefore we decided to be on the safe side we

would sail across to Korfos for the night as we had

wind for the genoa and main.  It wasn’t long before w

took the main down as the further we got away from

Aegina the lighter the wind got. Having covered 18

miles from Epidhavros to Aegina and then another 1

miles to Korfos we had had quite a little trip not goin


We anchored in our favourite spot in the north corner

the harbour and had dinner.  Since we have been here

last time several new houses seem to have appeared.

We counted 8 camper vans along the sea shore that

were still there the next morning.  We noticed at

Epidhavros camper vans would come and find the

beach area and a police car would appear several

minutes after they stopped and very quickly they wer

on their way.  This we could not understand as visitors

bring money and spend in the supermarket, ice-cream

shops, buy gas and use the restaurants so why be so

difficult to visitors who are probably in a van which

costs quite a few years salary to buy. Most camper va

holiday makers are like us away to see as much of

Greece and the surrounding countryside as possible.

We went to bed around 10 o’clock and all was calm

it didn’t last.  The mosquito net Jim’s side started to

rattle and woke him up.  The wind had got up and wa

rushing down the mountain and the fetch across the

water was blowing 30 knots.  Now was time for the

captain to decide what he was going to do.  Down we

more chain and he saved the Lucy light which was

blowing around on the string quite happily but may

have decided to jump ship with much more wind. 

Several people were up with the deck lights on or usi

torches checking their boats. Jim didn’t sleep to well

after that and was up again at 7 wanting breakfast to

on our way. 



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