37:30.30W 23:27.12E Poros

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sat 20 Sep 2014 10:34

Sunday 14th September, 2014.


As we left Korfos the wind started to strengthen and so we decided we would continue to the small island of Agkistri and pull on the quay where we have been before.   When we pulled into the harbour the only space free was just where the rocks are near the quay.  Jim didn’t fancy a night worrying about Ariel and any wind change that might occur pushing us back on the quay.


Therefore, we holstered the sails again and tacked against a strong wind towards Aegina rounding the small island which is part of a sand bar from Agkistri to Aegina.  The skies around us became very dark and thunder and lightning could be heard and seen over the mountains of Korfos.  Jim decided our best course would be to make for Poros.  We had twenty knots of wind and we tacked and tacked until we turned the corner and came into the channel looking towards Poros.  The sails came down and we motored for the quay.  No spaces so we anchored in Navy Bay and ate aboard.


We were lucky to see two lots of dolphins during the 42 miles we covered.


Poros – pontoon      Monday 15th September, 2014.


Jim started his day with a swim and before breakfast he and Vic had spotted a space on the pontoon for Ariel.  It would be rude not to up with the anchor and make our way over to the pontoon which we did.


After a fairly relaxed day we headed to the cocktail bar for some wifi and to try a few cocktails before enjoying a great meal at the Poseidon restaurant in the evening.

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