37:06.27N 25:22.46E Naxos

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sat 22 Jun 2019 14:41

Monday 17th June, 2019.

After a fabulous time in Koufonisi it was time to leave and head to Naxos so Frank and Sue could get their flight from Mykonos to Gatwick on Wednesday.

The wind was already blowing when we got up but gently.  After a bakery run for fresh bread we were off. At first it was up with the sails and let’s get there as soon as possible. Once out from the island into the channel between the islands the sea was at full gust and we were making headway.  Once we got near the headland of Naxos the wind was at its full strength and once around the corner we were jumping and rolling in a very confused sea hitting us straight on the nose.  Nothing Jim could do but keep the sails up and motor.  We took a couple of huge bow waves and with the covers on the hatches we took in some water which seemed like a waterfall at the time.  The noise of Ariel having to bang into the waves is horrible but it didn’t get any easier as we got to Naxas town as the waves were pounding into area around the marina.  We got the sails down and motored in. Luckily there was room on the wall and the harbour master gave his blessing and called us into the spot.  Just at the same time a small super yacht owned by a New Zealand motored in front of us as he wanted the inside wall position. (This was the same super yacht that had pushed its way into a space in Tinos the previous week upsetting two yachts). We had to abandon our reversing into position and take up the anchor again.  The harbour master wasn’t pleased but the super yacht captain was Greek and they shouted at each other.  Once he was out of our way we were back on the anchor reversing into the spot we were first directed to.  The kind harbour master also found us a lazy line as Naxos is famous for the swell in the harbour not only from the wind conditions but also the constant arrival and departure of big ferries.  One afternoon we had five on the quay with another three who had arrived having to hover until some left.  Must play up the time table!!!!

We had travelled 23.1 miles having left at 7.05 a.m. to beat the wind slightly and arriving at 12.35 p.m. In the afternoon against all forecasts it seem to ease.

Naxos is a beautiful island with a castle at the back of the shops and fabulous small lanes with shops and little restaurants.  After a little tour of the town we ended up at the cheaper end of town for dinner.  As it was now quite late Jim choose fish for dinner.  It was a superb sea bream for two.  At roughly £26 per portion it was not expensive for freshly cooked fish.  It tasted very fresh and it was cooked beautifully.




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