36:43.34N 25:16.43E Ios

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sun 14 Jun 2015 11:57



10th June, 2015.


We left our anchorage and decided to make for Ios.  The wind was constantly blowing 20 knots of wind and the anchorage although a little calmer after the night wind still was not very comfortable.  Unfortunately, not knowing the place it would have been foolish to leave in the dark.


We had a great sail and covered the 27.7 miles in time for a late lunch. Just as we were ready to take down the sails and motor into the harbour one ferry arrived around the island from the north and one started to come out.  We slowed down our progress and waited for them both to pass us by.  They rushed past each other in the entrance causing the biggest of washes of all time.  With this excitement over we got down the sails and motored into the harbour and found a nice little spot on the quay just near the supermarket.


Ios is small but is renown for its beaches and nightlife.  The last ferry of the evening delivered lots of young people with their wheelie trolleys and white skins who were picked up in mini buses for this or that beach company.   I think the universities must have now broken up for the summer holidays.


It is hard to believe the island in ancient times use to be covered in oak woods as it is so barren now.  Much later the wood was used for shipbuilding. The Ionians built cities at the port and at Ios town later to be used as Venetian strongholds.  Homer is thought to be buried here.  On the 15th May each year a Homer festival is held.  

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