37:30.124N 023:27.273E Poros

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Tue 26 Jan 2021 20:16

Friday 25thSeptember, 2020.

The wind thundered down the mountains and even with 60 metres of chain in the water we were surging around as it accelerated off the mountains.  Brian and Mari had a very disturbed night as Genevieve dragged her anchor and they had to relay in the dark.

The morning was beautiful sunshine again but the wind was still with us so with our usual skills in boat handling we managed to get up the anchor and motor out of the anchorage.  Before leaving the bay we used the wind to launch the genoa and be on our way.  Brian and Mari were off before us as they didn’t fancy any further problems.

Jim quickly got out his fishing rod ready for a tuna like two years ago. Just to prove a point you won’t catch me a cheeky tuna jumps 5 times a long side Ariel.  Beautiful size for two and excellent colouring but it wasn’t to be.

We gave up with the genoa as the wind dropped as we left the mountains and had to motor.  We tried sailing closer to the land but the wind was not very helpful. Lots of charter boats all seem to be heading towards Athens probably their last day of their holiday before handing the boat back.

Brian and Mari were already on the quay when we arrived having had lunch on the way as we motored slowly towards Poros. Although it doesn’t seem far as you potter along watching the scenery we covered 23.6 miles from start to finish.

Nice to be back on the quay with the supermarket just across the road. But on the quay you have to allow for the inexperienced sailor who doesn’t quite realise that you need to put out an anchor in the harbour before reversing on to the quay hoping people will take your lines or drop over other peoples so they can’t leave easily in the morning or worse still think they can squeeze into a very small space between tied up boats when the space simply won’t take them without damage to themselves or the boats they are trying to push out the way. It’s all good fun and most people are usually very helpful by taking lines and generally giving advice if needed.

The forecast is for wind from the south so we are comfortable on the harbour wall.

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