43:32.799N 05:40.105W Gijon Part 2

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Fri 3 Jul 2009 21:09

43:32.799N  05:40.105W   Gijon   Part 2


30th June, 2009.


Gradually the fog cleared and we were very surprised to see large sea walls around us and two headlands came into view not far away.  The sun came out and we relaxed and had dinner on board before setting off to investigate the town but by now it had poured with rain. 

Gijon is pronounced Hee-Hon and is the largest city in the county of Asturias, the area of Spain we are travelling along. The busy marina is in the old city harbour which was largely destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. The old part of town, Cimadevilla is on the promontory between the marina and the beach of Playa de San Lorenzo and is very scenic.  We walked along the beach promenade which is very wide and watched as many people although 10 o’clock in the evening were in swimming from the fine sandy beach.  The rain had stopped by this time and it was not cold.  The beach sweeps around the whole bay and you can walk or cycle for miles.

The town consists of blocks and blocks of flats, some old, some new but all very different in character.  We are amazed they seem to take down one block between two others and put in a new block without any trouble. Not sure they would pass the English building regulations.

At night the whole town appears to be enjoying themselves at the many restaurants and bars around the town.  Most shops close between 1 and 4 p.m. each day and the pavements clear so most Spanish do not come out to eat until 9 plus each night which seems strange to us as the kids are up as well.  In the mornings you can not expect to get any bread or milk before 9 a.m. or if you can find McDonald’s for wifi, they don’t open to 10 a.m. or some places 12.00. 

Jackie and I enjoyed window shopping as there are a lot of clothes shops in Gijon.

There are many squares with beautiful flower beds, seats to watch the world go by, lovely churches, statues and ice cream shops!

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