36:52.25N 25:30.60E Mirsini, Skhinousa Island.

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sun 14 Jun 2015 12:10


Mirsini, Skhinousa Island.


Thursday 11th June, 2015.


We leave around 11 after rising late, breakfast and shopping heading for Mirsini on Skhinousa Island which is one of the islands south of Naxos.  We motored out of the harbour and up to the first headland.  As soon as we were around the headland we were sailing on both sails along the top of the island.  Then we lost the wind for 15 minutes and the sails had to come down and we motored.  The wind then funnelled down between Paros and Naxos and we were sailing again.  The further we got along the coast and left Ios behind the wind really started to hit us.  We reefed the main and took some genoa in.


Instead of going north of the island of Iraklia Jim decided it would be better to go south of the island in order for it to give us cover.  He was really enjoying himself as it was like the old days of racing.  As the wind funnelled around Iraklia it started to hit us badly and Ariel was up on her side with water running down the starboard side.  As most people know I never did any racing as such as I got left at home so sliding from one side of the boat to the other looking at the water is scary and when I can’t stand up is not what I expect from Ariel cruises.  Captain Jim was keeping me busy letting out the boom, letting out a little genoa, pulling in again all with Ariel gunning it along.  As we left Iraklia and headed across to Skhinousa the wind was still blowing as hard and the water white.  The wind finally stopped hitting us once we motored into the little harbour of Mirsini where it appeared still and a different world.


A great day for Ariel and her captain.  Well done to my husband you sail our boat beautifully!

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