37:17.69N 26:45.99E Lipso Island

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Wed 6 Oct 2021 13:42

18th June, 2021.

After a little problem with Brian’s anchor we were all off to Lipso for a few days to investigate a new island.  We had a wonderful sail from just outside the harbour of Agathonisi all the way to the very large rocks sitting in the water you have to avoid before entering the big bay of Lipso. Just before we took down the sails we saw two large dolphins working in front of us. Within a few seconds they were gone. We were easily doing over 8 knots all the way on this beautiful morning so it wasn’t long before we were entering the harbour and being directed by our friends to a space on the new since we were here last harbour wall. We had managed to sail over 14 miles of the 16.93 mile recorded on the instruments. It felt good to have both sails flying and we were sailing along at a good speed.

A gentleman obviously has the rights to the wall and insists on tying you up and charges 5 Euros for the privilege.  We did have Clive, Tricia, Brian and Mari all waiting for us as they had motor sailed all the day but they weren’t allowed to help.

We had beers at the first bar and some very nice little dishes of local delights. Jim was in his element. After a busy morning and a beer a call for a rest was needed but by now the wind was blowing straight into the harbour and wall and unfortunately it has been built with holes low in the water and causes the boats to keep surging.  This went on until around 8 p.m. when it quietened down.  I cooked spaghetti Bolognese with the beautiful mince I had chosen at the butchers on Samos.  He double minces it and for less than 5 Euros it will be just right for day 2 in a day or two. A service we don’t see as standard in the butcher shops in the UK.

We went for a walk in the cool evening with the sun going down and found the beach for tomorrow, ice-cream shop and several restaurants to eat another day.  The church facing the harbour where they have the icon of flowers was shut but I will visit again tomorrow.  Beautiful views from the church balcony over the harbour area.

We walked around the harbour to the marine research teams boats and looked at their boards describing the local marine animals, fish and plant life they try to help and save.  We tried to tell a very nice gentleman about the monk seals we saw in 2018 up in Porto Koufos and the one lonely one we saw in Paros Bay on the 1st June this year. His English wasn’t to good and he said the usual staff in the office would be back in the morning so I have written all the details down so Jim is going to wander to the office to talk to them in the morning.

A small town but very pleasant with green hills dotted with blue and white chapels. From on restaurant balcony you can count 10 chapels. It is one of many islands claiming to be the enchanted place where Calypso beguiled Odysseus.  Officially owned by the monastery at Patmos since Byzantine times Lipso has excellent beaches and is popular for day excursions from Patmos and Kalymnos.  The island is only 4 square miles and remains a have for traditional Greek island life producing some local wines and cheeses.

The main town area is based around the harbour.  Here the blue domed church of Agios Ioannis holds a famous icon of the Panagia.  Ancient lilies within the frame miraculously spring into bloom on the 23rd August being the feast of the Yielding of the Annuciation. There are three beaches and many sandy coves.