Launch Day

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Thu 9 May 2019 23:40

Launch Day

Monday 6th May, 2019.

We were launched yesterday morning after a mad

panic.  Testing the bow thruster before going in the

water it didn’t work. With the amount of wind blowing

there was no way we could go in with no bow thruster.

Empty the lockers quickly and with Jim in the back

locker with wire cutters he was able to see what the

problem was.  When the new wiring was fitted under

the bow thruster five cable ties had been used to gather

all the new wiring up together but for some reason the

bow thruster had been disconnected and not

reconnected but the wiring was tied together with the

new. Problem solved and a thumbs up to the crane man

and it wasn’t long before we were launched. All went

well and we were soon motoring out of the dock.  The

wind was quite strong so we found a space out of the

main entrance as the white water was rushing in the

entrance.  The next problem to occur was the lever on

the outboard broke off in Jim’s hand.  Not our day wha

is next?

In the afternoon the electronics guy phoned to say he

was ready to be collected to do his testing of the new

system now we were in the water.  Jim said he would

launch the dinghy but he wanted to be picked up by the

quay.  We managed it but he could see with the wind

blowing so hard it was not easy.  We had a trip around

the bay and with salt water splashing over the newly

polished sides the guy tested it all worked fine.  After

depositing the two chaps back ashore we went back to

our anchorage and sat out the wind for the next 12

hours.  We had hoped with the sun going down the

wind would drop but unfortunately for everyone it

didn’t stop until about 12 the next day.


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