43:16.26N 05:18.14E Iles of Frioul

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Sat 19 Jun 2010 07:02

43:16.26N    05:18.14E    Iles of Frioul


Thursday 27th May, 2010.


We left Port Napoleon early and passed the morning fishing boats plus some chaps wadding in the water with their lines along the river’s end. Port Napoleon has a large population of swallows which we have watched for the last few days.

Once out of the Gulfe de Fos we stopped in the first cove at Carro and Jim rode us ashore for a stick of bread for lunch and a walk.  The water temperature was 21.6.  Quite a number of holiday makers were swimming in the sea and we think it may be the French half term as there appears to be lots of people around with children.  We walked around to the little fishing harbour which is very pretty with lots of revamped colourfully painted houses with a small beach which on a closer look was very gritty.  The local police station didn't seem to busy. Not for us!

We arrived back at Ariel for lunch but Jim had spotted the white water coming and insisted we left straight away.  We clocked 20 knots of wind which arrived very quickly.  We motored out of the cove with the wind S to SW which was our problem. We soon had our sails up and off we were roaring towards Frioul.

We made for the Iles of Frioul hoping the high cliff would give us shelter.  Arriving around 5 p.m. we edged into the little cove and instantly we lost most of the wind and we were able to anchor and enjoy the evening sun.  The wind finally died around 11 p.m. when the howling stopped. 

During the evening the air/sea rescue was busy searching the island by helicopter, truck and men on foot.  After an hour or so the helicopter went away. We have no idea what was going on but it was pretty intense with the four in the helicopter appearing to be searching the land.  The cliffs are high and not for walking so whether some one had got lost or hurt themselves we will never know.

Going ashore I unfortunately slipped alighting from the dinghy and the bag I had my phone in got wet.  If I text you please let me have your mobile number again as I have some numbers missing now.

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