37:35.59N 23:20.33E Vathi, Methana

Ariel of Hamble
Jim and Valerie SHURVELL
Wed 1 Oct 2014 12:15

Sunday 28th September, 2014.


We left the safety of Nea Epidaurus harbour and headed straight down the bay to Vathi.  Once clear of the harbour we were soon out in the force 5 from the north.  Ariel was running on the genny only with a little pulled in.  We soon made a quick time covering the 10.36 miles.  Luckily as we neared the little harbour the mountain protected us from the full force of the wind and we were able to enter the harbour and pulled into the first position on the wall.  We anchored and picked up a lazy line for extra safety.  Springs from the middle cleat both port and starboard with cross lines on the stern. Might be over the top but better to be on the safe side.


We had a walk along the coast road and stopped at the Shirley Valentine restaurant on the beach for a beer.  The sunset was wonderful and went down over the mountain as we looked across the bay.


We ate out later and after paying we were given a bottle of red wine to bring back to Ariel.   The three beers, litre of wine, squid starter to share, bread, large bottle of water, main course each, a sweet of small donuts with chocolate and honey for four and a small glass of fire water each came to 52.50 euro’s or £10.20 each. Amazing value!


Monday 29th September, 2014.


The gusts came and went but the wind strength did not abate.  The three of us went on a longer walk today along the coast road while Frank went off and climbed the volcano. It took him about 4 hours there and back but he said the views were fabulous.  Jim and I swam from Ariel and it felt warmer in the sea than out of the water as the wind was chilly.  With the sunset gone the wind came up again and Ariel suffered with being on the move back and forth.  Eventually the night wind calmed down.


We went to the little restaurant again and to our amazement the cost was only 36 euro’s even though we had everything we wanted and still came away with another bottle of rose wine.  The lady served us with a free starter of fish salad.  It was delicious and now we are on the lookout for it elsewhere.